Animal-Free dairy chocolate
Done the CO2COA way.

The Old.

The world needed a new chocolate. We know, chocolate already tastes so good, how could it be even better? How can we help the cows?

A CO2COA makeover.

Partnering with Perfect Day®, we re-crafted chocolate. By using animal-free dairy protein, our chocolate could do more than just taste good.

The New.

The result is a silky-smooth chocolate that is animal friendly. (Long live happy cows). A new way to enjoy chocolate. The CO2COA way.

Chocolate made

Chocolate re-crafted.

The CO2COA way.


Q: How is CO2COA chocolate animal free?

Animal-free chocolate means just that: chocolate produced without any animal involvement (like in dairy!). We maintain all the careful crafting art from cocoa to silky smooth chocolate, but swapped the milk with animal free dairy protein from Perfect Day. The Perfect Day animal free dairy is created using a fermentation approach that cultivates microflora –similar to the process that makes beer fizzy, yogurt thicken, and bread rise.

Q: Can lactose intolerant people eat CO2COA?

Yes, it’s lactose free.

Q: Is the chocolate vegan?

It’s vegan friendly, as it doesn’t contain any ingredients from animals. Our whey protein is animal-free!

Q: Can people with milk allergies enjoy CO2COA?

No, CO2COA contains milk allergens.

Q: Why do you say it's designed with sustainability in mind?

We use animal free dairy which releases less greenhouse gas emissions. We use Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa. We wrap every chocolate with 83% paper-based packaging. From product to packaging, every step of the journey has been taken with sustainability in mind.

Q: Where can I purchase CO2COA?

Currently, you can only purchase online via our website. This is a limited run product, so be sure to order before it's all gone!

Q: How are you related to Mars, Inc?

We are a small, passionate team who love chocolate and love the planet within Mars Inc. We work like an internal startup group - supported by Mars, but independently innovate to create a future we believe in. We pioneer new food technology in line with Mars’ heritage of chocolate crafting, because we know that better moments make the world smile, one piece at a time.